Client Benefits

Making the Right Choice

Historically, one of the biggest dilemmas facing any client has always been choosing a consultant or contractor you can rely upon.  The Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies brings this uncertainty to an end.

Benefits of Choosing a Chartered Building Consultancy or Chartered Building Company

Chartered Building Companies and Consultancies are bound by a comprehensive Code of Professional Conduct.  This commits them to quality of service, integrity of conduct and an overriding concern for your best interest at all times.

As a client, you can expect.

Professionalism throughout, from initial enquiry to the satisfactory completion of their working brief.

  • Quality of service and attention to detail.
  • Speed, efficiency and integrity
  • Value for money
  • Fully-trained and competent people working for you.
  • Compliance with statutory codes and good building practice.
  • Any problems that arise will be dealt with promptly, courteously and efficiently.

Professionalism and Integrity in Construction

For individuals, a business and public authorities alike, property is the single most important asset.

Whether commissioning or extending a new building, planning repairs or maintenance, building pathology, seeking advice on the Party Wall Act / Building Regulations / Construction Design and Management Regulations, pre purchase surveying of a residential or commercial property the choice of your professional is critical.  As the client, you have the right to ensure the service and advice you receive is of the highest calibre and represents a good investment and value for money.

Grounds for Confidence

The Chartered Building Company and Consultancy schemes were launched by the CIOB following years of careful planning which involved close consultation with Government, industry and client bodies.

It has been warmly welcomed by consumer organisations and has become considered as the mark of true professionalism and integrity for the very best building consultancies and construction companies.

Those companies and consultancies that qualify for the CBC designation recognise it as a privilege – first to be earned and then maintained on the strength of their professionalism and performance.

By choosing a Chartered Building Company or Chartered Building Consultancy you can be sure that, whatever the task, your builder or building consultant has the professionalism, resources and commitment to meet your requirements safely and efficiently.

If you would like a leaflet about this or to read the Professional Code of Conduct please go to the About Us page on this website and choose either Chartered Building Company or Chartered Building Consultancy .